Casting & die development

Our K1 experts from Engi­nee­ring and App­li­ca­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy deve­lop func­tio­nal cas­tings toge­ther with you as an upstream pro­cess in the deve­lop­ment of the die, and that taking all influ­en­cing fac­tors of rele­van­ce for cas­ting into account. This means: Our engi­nee­ring doesn’t first start fol­lo­wing com­ple­ti­on of the func­tio­nal com­po­nent, but ins­te­ad alre­ady at a very ear­ly sta­ge, for examp­le, with the deve­lop­ment of topo­lo­gy models. To this pur­po­se we have all rele­vant deve­lop­ment soft­ware at our dis­po­sal, such as Catia , Sie­mens NX, and Creo.


When the results from K1 Engi­nee­ring are avail­ab­le, the­se are vali­da­ted with fil­ling and soli­di­fi­ca­ti­on simu­la­ti­ons. The results incorpo­ra­te direct­ly into the pro­cess deve­lop­ment and cas­ting design. In this way you obtain an extre­me­ly high level of result secu­ri­ty with simul­ta­neous cost opti­mi­za­ti­on in deve­lop­ment. Here too, the K1 com­pe­tence plat­form also offers you the most modern simu­la­ti­on soft­ware, such as Mag­ma, Flow3D, and Nova­Flow.