Internal Training

As a com­pe­tence lea­der in the high tech­no­lo­gy sec­tor, we know exact­ly how important it is to fur­t­her deve­lop the know­ledge and abi­li­ties of our employees, spe­cia­lists, and mana­gers. We make this pos­si­ble through regu­lar and sustain­ab­le, tar­ge­ted trai­ning and advan­ced trai­ning offe­rings. We are proud of the know­ledge and abi­li­ty of our ent­i­re staff.

External Training

Toge­ther with strong part­ners, we offer you and your employees com­pre­hen­si­ve trai­ning in the com­pe­tence are­as of mold pro­duc­tion and cas­ting tech­no­lo­gy. In the pro­cess we not only media­te theo­reti­cal con­tent. You pro­fit from a strong prac­tical ori­en­ta­ti­on through our K1 Die cas­ting Tech­no­lo­gy Cen­ter. We are also hap­py to offer our trai­ning in your com­pa­ny and will work toge­ther with you to deve­lop an indi­vi­du­al trai­ning pro­gram.